NHM – National Health Mission Latest Information

NHM – National Health Mission Latest Information

Hello Friends, On my Website Today I m going to Share the Information about  NHM. Just like What is NHM ? What are the functions of NHM? Eligibility for NHM. Age required to registered in NHM.

National Health Mission , It is the full form of NHM. And if you are an Hindi medium student for you it is called rashtriya swasthay mission.

The NHM is the scheme of central government , this scheme which is run by Ministry of Health wanted to provide all Health facilities in rural areas.

So Guys , if you wanted to serve the country and exited to help people so for you and your kind of all young male and females have an opportunity from National Health Department . National Health Department issues notifications for employment of vacant posts , so if you wanted to job in NHM it is a golden opportunity for you just participate in the NHM recruitment process and get the job and make your dreams comes true. For recruitment process visit our website Job apply.co.in

NHM Job Information 2022

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NHM – National Health Mission Latest Information

Most Important Information Related To NHM

What is NHM?
The full form of NHM is National Health Mission, it is called rashtriya swasthay mission in Hindi . its main objective is to provide health related facilities. NHM scheme was started on 12 April 2005 , this scheme is run by the Ministry of Health, it is a parent agency. It has two parts, NRHM and NUHM
NRHM – means National Rural Health Mission , Which is make to provides all the health related facilities in rural area. There are many workers in NRHM  posted in rural areas of India to provide rural health . And the best part is they fulfill their jobs with  very honesty .Also they achieve all goals given by NRHM. The goal of NRHM is only to provide a good and affordable health related services in  rural areas. Health workers posted in rural areas include ASHA workers, medical officers, vaccination teams, government nurses, pharmacists, etc.
NUHM – Means  National Urban Health Mission , Which is made to provides all the health related facilities in cities and towns. Also they focus on people living in small settlement in cities and provided health related services .

The Main Purpose of  people living  NHM are :-
1. The main purpose of National Health Mission is to provide health related services to the public and especially women and children and to keep them healthy.
2. Health services should be of truly  good and high quality.
3. The facilities  should be as per the requirement of the public.
4. To improve the health of the public and reduce the death rate.
5. Prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases.
6. To take care of the cleanliness of accessible toilets along with health facilities.
7. To make arrangements for clean and clean water and proper and adequate nutrition.

Functions of NHM :-
1. The main Functions of NHM  is to provide timely health related services to the people of the country.
2. Functions of NHM is to arrange insurance plans for the health related expenses of the public.
3. Functions of NHM  is to build health centers and hospitals according to the need and convenience of the public.
4. Functions of NHM  is to provide 24 hours health services to the public.
5. It is necessary to arrange 2 nurses and 1 doctor in the primary health center.

NHM to obtain more information about you to its site can go on

Guys we all know that is our country population is very high and increasing day by day . so there are many areas in India where individual are suffering due to unemployment and poverty , that why people are not able to take a good care of their Health so that there is a risk of developing many different kinds of diseases. After thinking very much on this situation of public , this mission was started to provide health related information to poor people , children  and women . There are 18 Indian states are started this mission these states are – Jammu and Kashmir , Meghalaya , Bihar , Nagaland , Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan , Uttar Pradesh , Tripura , Orissa , Assam , Sikkim , Madhipur , Uttaranchal , Mizoram , Himachal Pradesh , Chhattisgarh , Arunachal Pradesh , Delhi etc.

Eligibility to participate in  NHM –

To participate in the National Health Mission, it is necessary for the candidate to study in the medical subject. In this, different education qualification is necessary for different posts like BSC Bio, B. Pharmacy, MD(Doctor of Medicine), MBBS (Bachlore Of Medicine And Surgery) , MS(Master of Surgery) etc.

The age limit for NHM –

NHM maximum age of candidates to participate in the NHM Exam  under 40 years . for other related information visit the official website . Therefore, interested candidates who want to apply for NHM Recruitment can get all the information related to its recruitment from our website, on our site you will get information about all the latest and upcoming recruitment related government jobs. In which you will get information related to the date of recruitment, last date of recruitment, selection process, application fee, eligibility for recruitment etc.

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